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Superior Quality Aluminium Profiles

By gathering the entire production cycle under one roof, we produce profiles for national and international markets with a combination of deep expertise and industry knowledge.

Specific to Your Needs
Aluminium Profile Solutions

Our state-of-the-art systems for the automotive, machinery, general industry, energy and construction industries offer the best quality and process performance. We contribute to your corporate success and to a sustainable world, with our culture of rapid deployment of innovations that we have developed with our experienced team.

Mold and Product Design

All design and production processes of extrusion dies, which have decisive importance in the dimensional and physical tolerances and surface quality of the product, are carried out by our competent team. Thanks to our analysis and simulation skills, we can get the right product in the first production.


Piece Profile Mold


Number of Annual Mold Production Capacity

Aluminium Extrusion Production

Aluminium extrusion; lightness, high strength, plays a leading role in reducing CO² emissions. With our deep experience, we produce in different extrusion presses in our integrated facility with a pressing power of up to 4000 tons.


Tons Annual Production Capacity


Profile Length



Surface Treatment Facilities

For aluminium profiles, we provide high quality surfaces with unlimited alternatives in color and texture. In our anodizing facility with a capacity of 10,000 tons, profiles up to 7m long are coated in QUALICOAT, QUALANOD and SEASIDE standards. Our surface quality in international standards aims to extend the product life cycle.

Special colors guarantee maximum resistance to corrosion, stains and scratches for high aesthetic performance.


Tons Annual Powder Coating Capacity


Ton Annual Anodized Coating Capacity


Our products are sent to all over the world with the expected quality and on time delivery awareness. At Cansan Aluminium, we have a tracking system where you can digitally monitor all shipment processes.

Acting with the awareness of minimizing our carbon footprint in all our shipping processes for a sustainable world; We use recyclable materials for packaging and prefer transportation methods.


We follow and use the latest technology to meet customer expectations at the highest level.


We act with our superior engineering experience by offering rational solutions in every project.

Our Focus is a Sustainable World

We offer solutions for a sustainable world with the unlimited recycling feature of aluminium.