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Analysis, Design, Validation

With our passion for innovation, we are constantly working towards our goal of producing quality products quickly at low cost.

We design, develop, manufacture, promote and distribute premium aluminium products in partnership with OEMs internationally.

Thanks to our high production competencies that allow us to achieve results in accordance with globally determined standards, we always provide service with the principle of on-time delivery.

Product Development

We aim to anticipate new technological trends and offer differentiating products that meet efficiency, lightness, cost, quality and safety requirements.

When designing and manufacturing our products, we work meticulously from the early stages of development to final production.

Project Management

We adopt a management approach in line with agile project management, team management, mastery of customer specific requests, solution and focus, proactive approach, and perfect customer experience that meet industry requirements.

Quality Management

We serve as a strategic solution partner trusted by our customers with our certificates and programs that meet production requirements.

Logistics Management

As Yeşilova Holding R&D Center, we conduct research and test studies on both material and product basis.

Our laboratory team, which consists of competent employees, performs metallographic and mechanical experiments to determine the characteristic properties of materials. At the same time, we carry out strength tests and environmental tests such as dimensional and mechanical verification, material verification, paint and surface verification, and environmental tests at the customer’s workplace, with our devices with which we can test product expectations.